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I can be having a bad day and immediately feel blessed.

For many years, Letha was a caregiver for her husband, and then for her aunt. “My aunt lived alone and was no longer able to drive,” Letha told us. “I took her to all of her appointments and to the grocery store. When I found out that Jennifer had been given this wonderful vision of a unique way to help seniors, I knew from my own personal experience that she was onto something great.”

When Letha’s aunt passed away, she decided to sign up as a Faith in Action volunteer. “My aunt wasn’t a recipient of the service, but I knew the need was there. So many people who are part of Faith in Action are able to stay in their homes longer because of the services the program provides.”

Letha enjoys all of the people she has met along the way. “All of the seniors I’ve served have been special. I love learning their stories,” she said. “Volunteering has been so rewarding. I can be having a bad day and pick up someone for a doctor’s appointment and immediately

feel blessed.”

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