We BELIEVE in Storehouse WV!

Thanks to the generosity and hard work of the folks at Storehouse WV, we were blessed with a supply of free items to help our Honey Do Crews! This is just a portion of the things we were able to procure at today's visit to their Hansford Street facility...trash bags, paper towels, paint brushes, a mop, cleaning supplies, and a huge pile of greeting cards filled up the back of my vehicle, ready to be put to use in support of the people we serve.

Never heard of Storehouse WV? Here's a little bit about them from their website:

Storehouse West Virginia is a gifts-in-kind warehouse. We accept and house a variety of products ranging from perishable food to building materials. We distribute millions of dollars worth of these products to West Virginia churches and other non-profit organizations throughout the state to help them meet needs in their community.

FIAGKV is blessed to have been accepted as an eligible member of this excellent program and looks forward to more "shopping" days to come!

Thank you, Storehouse WV!

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