Volunteer Profile : Ron Graham

Ron and Donna Graham

Ron and Donna Graham have been volunteering with us for several months now, both individually and as a package deal. We're so grateful to them for helping us with some of our more challenging assignments along the way, and more grateful still that they keep coming back! :-)

We had the chance to ask Ron a couple of questions recently and are happy to share his answers below. Look for a profile of his lovely wife, coming soon!

What inspires you?

Walks in the woods.

How did you get involved with FIAGKV?

Through the Kanawha Valley Village People.

Can you share your most enjoyable/challenging/rewarding/memorable FIAGKV volunteer experience to date?

With my wife Donna, taking a blind woman in a wheelchair to her various appointments.

What would you tell someone thinking of becoming an FIAGKV volunteer?

The work is rewarding, helping one recognize the tremendous need in the area, and there is joy that comes with helping those in need.

What other organizations or causes do you support?

KVVP, FOOTMAD, Friendship Force, YMCA

Do you have a personal motto/favorite quote you'd like to share?

"Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated..." - no, really, it's "Live long and prosper."

Finally...with a nod to Sweet Charity...what's your favorite dessert or sweet treat?

Never met a dessert that I did not like...

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