With love and appreciation...

All of our care receivers are special to us, but every once in a while, a person comes along who touches your heart and spirit in a different way. Miss Betty contacted us in the very earliest days of our program seeking help getting to the grocery store. Before long, we were also taking her to medical appointments. Over the course of several months, it became clear that she was embarking on a frightening health journey that nobody should have to face alone.

There are many things about Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley and our volunteers that make me proud. I could write a mountain of sentences telling you about the impact these folks have on the lives they serve. But no words I could ever write would be more powerful than those that come from one receiving their care.

And so, with her permission, I am sharing Betty's words, penned on a card we received in the mail, with you here.

Dear Mrs. Waggener,

Jennifer, this card is to extend my thanks and appreciation for your getting me to my early hospital visit and back last week and to the follow up doctor's appointment. Then we went to the farmer's market! My thanks for that, also. "Happiness" in my ordeal this summer has been Faith in Action...their kindness and undying help.

You have extended our resources, and probably over-extended them, to get me to my appointments, early or late, for which you have my appreciation.

I told you once that what you do for us - getting us to appointments, the grocery store, or elsewhere; your presence and visits, phone calls, cards, presents, and good deeds too numerous to mention - are what Jesus would do. So keep up the good work as I pray you are mightily blessed for doing unto others.

With love and appreciation,

Betty J.

This is why we do what we do.

This is why our work matters.

We can't do it without you.

Volunteer. Partner with us. Donate.

Join us.

We can promise, your heart will thank you.

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