The clouds have been lifted.

There was a time when Tammy didn't much care about caring for herself.

"Due to various life circumstances, including the loss of my son, I was in a very dark place," she says. "When I learned about Faith in Action and finally reached out to them, the experience was life-saving, literally."

"Faith in Action has enabled me to get to the doctor and start taking care of myself and my health. In the past year since I've been using their services, my whole attitude has been changed. I'm uplifted; the clouds have been lifted by the kindness of their volunteers."

She often wishes she could return the favor and become a volunteer, a goal that she's determined to reach.

"Sometimes, I'm afraid to tell too many people about them because I know they have limited volunteer resources," she says with a smile. "But I also know they are constantly working to find more people to volunteer and take care of those who count on the program. And the people they find are just wonderful folks who help without asking anything in return."

"Because of them, I can see that there truly are people who care in the world."

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