Such lovely people.

Mary Ann started using our services two years ago for occasional trips to her family doctor. Last summer, she took advantage of our Honey Do Crews program to give her back porch a face lift. When you meet her, the first thing that strikes you is her attitude. Mary Ann exudes optimism and kindness...especially when talking about her Faith in Action volunteers.

"You have the most friendly people!" she gushes. "Every last one of them. Each person you've sent has been kind and just lovely. Even the kids who worked on my porch last summer!"

Every time I get to spend a few minutes with Mary Ann, she makes a point to let me know how much she appreciates our services and our volunteers.

"If the world was filled with folks like yours, it would be a better place, now wouldn't it?" she asks, with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her face.

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