More than a volunteer.

"Oh my goodness," Caroline says when asked to talk about how Faith in Action has helped her.

"It's so hard to put into words how much Faith in Action means to me. First of all, being older, most of the people I know are older, too. I don't have any family to help out. I appreciate so much knowing I can count on Faith in Action to get me to my doctor appointments."

In Caroline's case, it goes even a little deeper. She has become quite close with one of our volunteers in particular. "It's such a comfort having a dependable, reliable volunteer to help me when I need it. But it's more than that. She saved my vision. By volunteering to take me to my appointments for injections in my eyes, LuAnn literally helped save my eyesight. There are no words adequate enough to tell how I feel about her and about this program. LuAnn has become a true friend to me; I feel so comfortable with her, and all of the Faith in Action volunteers. That means so much." "

Caroline struggles to articulate how meaningful it is to her to know that there are people out there willing to help others in this way. "To have someone who is willing to take the time to care about people this's such a blessing."

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