About the best thing ever.

When we asked Ralph to offer up his thoughts about Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley, his response was as quick as his wit. "Well, it's about the best thing that ever happened," he says with a smile.

We first met Ralph during a particular challenging time for he and his family. He was experiencing some medical issues that resulted in multiple appointments over an extended period of time. His daughter, Penny, learned about FIAGKV and reached out.

"I appreciate Faith in Action so much," she says. "The many times their volunteers have taken Dad to the doctor has been a real help to our family. We all work full time and it has made it so much easier on us."

She has nothing but praise for the volunteers who give their time to make this program possible. "Each volunteer has been wonderful, kind, and considerate to Dad. He will be 90 years old in June and appreciates everyone, too. What a blessing Faith in Action has been to us. We're so grateful for everything they do."

"You know," Ralph adds, "us old folk need a little help once in a while, and it sure is nice to know there are reliable people out there who are willing to do things like get me to my doctor's appointments on time."

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