It's truly from the heart.

Betty's beautiful gardens show that she is very active and self-sufficient, but when her husband passed away and she quit driving, she worried mightily about getting to her important medical appointments.

"When I first heard about Faith in Action, I just couldn't believe a service like this existed," she says. "But I thank God that it does. It's been such a blessing to me."

She has always been one to do for others, whether they needed a hot meal or a helping hand. Knowing she can count on others now, when she needs a little help, means the world to her. "Faith in Action doesn't just help me get to my appointments, the volunteers are also someone kind to talk to. They are good people, doing a good thing. You can tell it's truly from the heart," she says. "I wish more people knew about it, both those needing help and those looking to volunteer!"

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