Safe at home.

Our Honey Do Crews partnership with the Home Builders Association of Greater Charleston (HBAGC) is brand new, but it has already yielded incredible results!

Ms. Shirley came to us with a real worry. The front door of her home was a simple glass sliding patio door. The lock had broken and she was using a broom handle to "secure" it shut. As a result, whenever she left the house, she had to go out the back door, through a neighbor's yard, and around to the front.

Conversely, when she returned from the grocery store or anywhere else, she was forced to follow that same route back into the house.

Not only was this an inconvenient and physically demanding option, it was also clearly unsafe. We determined Shirley needed a real front door, complete with working deadbolt, to truly solve her problem. Sounds simple enough, right?

Nope. The door would have to be a specially sized door to fit the space and work properly.

And that's when a near miracle happened.

The HBAGC held an auction. One of their members attended and spotted the exact door needed for the job. Another attendee had already placed a winning bid for it, but this member was determined, and after a bit of negotiation, was able to purchase the door outright at a significant discount.

The next day, he rounded up a crew and the team installed Shirley's new door in a single afternoon.

She couldn't be happier.

"I just love my new door," she says. "It closes and locks. I don't have to walk through the neighbor's backyard anymore. And it's beautiful! When I close it behind me, I feel safe."

"The (FIAGKV) program has been a Godsend to me. Thank you for everything you do for people. It's almost hard to believe there are such good folks out there. But I'm sure glad there are!"

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