Welcome, Morgan!

This post is a month past due, I'm sorry to say. But the fact is, it's been such an incredibly busy time, I haven't had five minutes to sit still to write it!The good news is, I've had a whole lot more help than usual, thanks to our new part-time staff member, the lovely and talented Ms. Morgan Young.

Morgan began working with the Alzheimer's Association, West Virginia Chapter soon after graduating from Marshall University. She spent the past seven years working on both a professional and personal mission to #EndAlz. She is a gifted graphic artist, but the talents she brings to her new position with us are many.

She is already helping to streamline some of our processes, and is making improvements to the way we measure the impact of the work we do. She is a skilled organizer and event planner, keeping me on track when I wander off chasing a new thought down an untraveled road. But most impressive to me - so far - is watching her work directly with our care receivers, with kindness and grace and compassion.

As you know if you've followed along here for the past four years or so, Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley has grown by leaps and bounds. Fulfilling our mission "to support the independent living of older adults in the communities we serve by lending a helping hand, neighbor to neighbor" takes work.

Recruiting and training volunteers, managing new care receiver applications, scheduling service requests, hosting fundraisers, raising awareness, and even giving thanks for the opportunities we've been given takes time and effort, compassion and focus.

It's a lot for one person when you have 11 volunteers and 1 care receiver, like we did on October 4, 2014. It's too much for one person when you grow to a program of nearly 200 volunteers in service to more than 500 care receivers in a two county area.

Now that we have added an official staff person who brings so much new energy, fresh perspective, relevant experience, and a servant's heart to the table, growing our program and turning big ideas into meaningful realities seems well within reach.

We are proud of how far we've come. But we are motivated every day by the possibilities that light the path forward. Thank you, Morgan, for being a big first step on that journey. We can't wait to see where it leads!

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