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We’re building a neighborhood. Will you join us?

There is no denying that our communities have changed over the years. Families are smaller and don’t stay in place like they used to. Population decreases, demographics shift, schools consolidate, businesses shutter, and the next thing you know, the tight knit neighborhoods we once knew are no more. It’s just not the same.


But at their core, the PEOPLE haven’t changed. They still want to belong and to feel connected. They still want to help when they can, and to know they have someone to count on when they need assistance. 
That’s where we come in.


Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley is building a community of neighbors who want to look out for one another and take care of each other, but don’t know where to start. We exist to facilitate relationships between people who have a little time or experience to give and seniors in our community who need an assist from a friendly face from time to time.


Working together, we’re finding new ways every day to sustain the connections we all crave. We’re crafting our own neighborhood, filled with caring hearts, helping hands, and fascinating stories. 
We invite you to join us.

Alone we can make a difference.
But together we can change the world … neighbor to neighbor.
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