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The test of any effective service-oriented nonprofit lies in the diversity and strength of the community supporting the effort. We are growing a coalition that includes local congregations, social service agencies, health care providers, government entities, and the companies and businesses that drive our economy forward working together to expand our base of human and financial resources. 


Our Cornerstone Congregations help form the foundation of our work by connecting us with their membership so we can, in turn, connect their membership with the community at large who need them.


One local clergy we work with quite often likes to call us a “plug and play ministry.” He says this because working with Faith in Action gives congregations a strong mechanism for putting “love thy neighbor” into action. Rather than relying solely on the human resources found within the walls of the house of worship, partnering with Faith in Action expands the safety net of helping hands available through our full network of volunteers.

We provide the training, the infrastructure, the scheduling, the technology, and the program management that makes offering reliable assistance to an elder congregant possible.


Our sustaining congregations, in turn, support us in a variety of ways. They help us get the word out to prospective volunteers. They make referrals on behalf of older adult members who could benefit from our services. They occasionally allow us to use space in their buildings to host trainings or meetings, and sometimes they offer us financial support, either directly or through an endowment or grant opportunity.

By merging our strengths and mitigating our respective weaknesses, we are able to work together to build an efficient, effective means to facilitate localized, real, and meaningful outreach that benefits everyone involved. If your congregation would like to be listed here, give us a call at 304.881.7253 or email us at


Our Corporate Partners help form the foundation of our work by providing sustaining resources so we can fulfill our mission. In turn, when you become a Corporate Partner, Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley can provide connection to a core demographic, offering exposure to our dedicated supporters, volunteers, and care receivers through our E-newsletter, website, social media properties, and events.

But beyond that, we offer programs to engage and serve your employees. Our work has direct impact on the human resources that make your company go.


“Nearly seven in ten (68 percent) caregivers report making work accommodations because of caregiving. These adjustments include arriving late/leaving early or taking time off, cutting back on work hours, changing jobs, or stopping work entirely.” (AARP)

Faith in Action is able to facilitate a referral process where employees can seek assistance for a loved one through our program of services.  We can also offer our Corporate Partners opportunities for staff to volunteer through team building participation on Honey Do Crews projects or as individuals. And we can provide your team with education and awareness during a presentation or Lunch & Learn style event.

Working together, we can build a meaningful program of service opportunities for your team, and provide them with access to a valuable resource that may benefit their families. Your company can be part of a powerful, vital safety net for our community. If you would like to partner with Faith in Action, give us a call at 304.881.7253 or email us at


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Use your gifts to make a difference in the lives of older neighbors in our community

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