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Every volunteer experience has been a blessing.

When Vic Stallard was approaching retirement, he started looking for ways to get actively involved in giving back to his community. He saw an article about FIAGKV in the paper, signed up for a Volunteer Training, and knew he’d found a good fit.

“Every volunteer experience has been a blessing,” Vic shared. “I have been involved in delivering Valentine, Thanksgiving, and Christmas baskets in addition to supporting some folks with routine grocery delivery. The folks we support are lovely, wonderful people who just need a little bit of help.”

In one instance, he went to a care receiver’s home where the smoke detector battery had been chirping for weeks in a bedroom. “I was able to take care of it, and that simple act meant so much to her as she was able to sleep better at night. A two-minute task made a real difference!”

Vic adds, “I am also very lucky that my 97 year-old father is able to go along on just about all of the deliveries and enjoys it so much. I feel truly fortunate to have the opportunity to serve with Faith in Action.”

And we’re surely lucky to have the Stallard men on our side!

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