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Finding Faith in Action has been a blessing in many ways.

When Rabbi Jordan retired in Charleston after a long career and gave up driving, he had many good friends willing to help him adjust by making sure he was able to get where he needed to go. But as his eyesight deteriorated and his medical appointments began piling up, he began to feel as if he was taking advantage of their good will. He was determined to find a way to take some of the burden off their plates so they could get back to being just good friends again.

He reached out to FIAGKV and has been using our volunteer services of FIAGKV since 2019. "It's hard to tell you just how much this organization has meant to me. They are responsive, reliable, and just an incredible resource. Finding them has been a blessing in many ways."

The organization has also enabled Rabbi Jordan to connect with a wide array of volunteers and build new friendships along the way. "It's more than simply the convenience of getting a ride to a physician's office; it's meeting some really wonderful people who give of themselves freely and openly and happily to make the lives of others less fortunate much easier than it would be otherwise."

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