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It felt so good to be able to make a difference.

People sometimes think that working a full-time job means they aren’t able to volunteer in a meaningful way with Faith in Action. That actually couldn’t be further from the truth, and Kaitlin Bedekovich is a perfect example of this.

Even though she has a demanding job in the safety field, Kaitlin finds time to connect with several of our care receivers, providing services they value. Once a month, she picks up and delivers groceries after work for Alice in St. Albans. She also helps tame Ms. Mona’s yard every few Saturdays during the summer months as part of the Honey Do Crews.

“I discovered FIAGKV after my grandma got sick,” Kaitlin shared. “She lived over 3 hours away and I wasn’t able to help with her appointments and day-to-day care as much as I would have liked. I started looking for a way to help people in similar situations who lived closer to me and Faith in Action was a great fit.”

Kaitlin was able to drive a care receiver to her COVID-19 vaccine appointment. “It felt so good to be able to make a difference like that in the midst of the terrible pandemic,” she said. “Overall though, my most rewarding experience volunteering is the ongoing relationship I’ve developed with my regular care receivers who I help from month to month.”

Thank you, Kaitlin, for everything you do for our older neighbors! We’re so lucky to count you as part of the Faith in Action family.

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