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It makes a difference. It really does.

Loretta has been an FIAGKV client since the program’s earliest days, and she still can’t get over the fact that a service like this exists. “It’s such a wonderful program,” she says. “And the people are all wonderful, too.”

While Loretta still drives once in a while, she limits herself to a very small range from her St. Albans home - the nearby store and her neighborhood church. All the same, she would prefer not to drive at all. “Having Faith in Action around to get me to my doctor’s appointments in Charleston means the world to me. If I had to get myself there, I just wouldn’t go,” she says.

“Even when you have friends and family around, you can’t always count on them being available whenever you need them. They have jobs and responsibilities and it’s hard. Being able to call on Faith in Action means I can take care of my health without worrying about being a burden or finding someone who can drop everything to help me.”

What would she say to someone who is thinking about signing up with FIAGKV?

“Well, that’s easy. If they’re thinking about using the service, I’d tell them to do it. Their folks are friendly and reliable. And if they are thinking about volunteering, I’d tell them to do that, too! It makes a difference. It really does.”

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