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It's a great feeling to know you have a ready helping hand available.

Beverly, shown here with her faithful companion Blue, has always had a full, busy life. She worked, traveled, and spent time with friends and family members. She has also touched the lives of countless families through babysitting. "Even the ones who have grown up, they still call me Grammy," she says proudly. She enjoyed caring for them, involving them in all sorts of interesting activities. She especially loved helping them plant a robust vegetable garden and keeping old traditions alive by teaching them the way things were done when she was a child growing up.

All of that changed last year when she experienced a health scare. "I used to ride the bus everywhere, even to my doctor's appointments and it was no problem. But suddenly, I had a lot more doctors and they were scattered around. Riding the bus became too difficult. It was hard to get to appointments; often, I just wasn't able to."

She heard about Faith in Action through her church. "I thought it had to be too good to be true," she says. "Now I tell everyone about them, and those people can't believe it's real. But it is, and it's a blessing."

Bev enjoys her time with the Faith in Action volunteers. "I love them all. They are so good to me, consistent and kind. It's fun to meet all of these folks who are willing to help others. They do as I would have done if I could still drive."

It's a big relief to her know know she'll be able to get the medical care she needs, when she needs it. "This program eliminates so much stress and worry. It's a great feeling to know you have a ready helping hand available. I'm so grateful they exist."

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