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It's just wonderful.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Roberta called the Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley office three or four times before requesting an application. The first time she called to see if someone would really answer the phone. "I didn't believe a program like theirs could exist," she remembered. "It seemed too good to be true. I just wanted to find out for myself."

On subsequent calls, she asked lots of questions. How does it work? How do you find volunteers to do these jobs? How do I know I'll be safe/get to my appointment on time/won't get left at the doctor's office with no way home? What do you mean, it's free?! Finally, we convinced Roberta to complete an application and let us come for an intake visit. The visit allowed her to put a face to the program, and she was able to ask as many questions as she wanted, in person. "I couldn't believe my luck, to be truthful. Whoever thought a program like this existed, with so many people willing to help, just because?" she asked. "I'm grateful to Faith in Action. They get me to my appointments when I don't have any other way to go. The volunteers are friendly and kind. They're easy to work with and make the ride nice." She may have been dubious at the start, but these days, Roberta is a believer. "Faith in Action has been a blessing to me. I'm real glad the program is around," she said. "It's just wonderful."

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Samantha Collier
Samantha Collier
12 may 2021

This is a wonderful thing to do for other's....More countries should be doing this for ppl in the whole state of Wv.

Me gusta
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