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The benefits are tremendous.

Ron & Donna came to Faith in Action as a package deal, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

"While we were looking for a house to make our retirement home in Charleston, we were also looking for ways to (re)connect with the community," Ron said. "FIAGKV was recommended by friends. We attended a volunteer training class and were hooked with the organization’s mission, its commitment, its effectiveness, and its provision of a means to connect with the community."

"This organization makes it so easy to give back while easily working around your life and your schedule," Donna added. "The benefits are tremendous for both the volunteer and the care receiver."

When asked to talk about a memorable experience while volunteering with Faith in Action, she said, "There are far too many to single one out. It’s every smile, every life story shared, and every thank you. It’s the opportunity to do something for an older neighbor and help them feel like part of the community. I have met so many wonderful people!"

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