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They don't know what they're missing.

Randall experienced a run of health issues that found him dealing with several serious conditions all at once. When we met him, he had just been released from the hospital following open heart surgery. The doctors had taken a graft from a vein in his leg for the procedure, and he had to deal with complications from that during his recovery. Adding to the trouble, he was set to begin treatment for macular degeneration that would require him to visit his retina specialist on a frequent treatment schedule or risk losing his vision.

He was in a rough spot.

"I tried driving myself to appointments, but my eyes were a big problem. And then after I had surgery on my leg, I couldn't drive for a long time. My foot doesn't move up and down like it needs to."

But getting to his eye appointments was imperative. "With the shots, I can see a lot better. When I first started going, I was having a whole lot of trouble. I can tell a big difference." He can tell a difference if he misses a shot, too. "It doesn't take long for the my eyes to get bad again."

Then a family member told him about Faith in Action. That was two years ago, and we've been making sure Randall gets to his eye appointments ever since.

Randall has some words of advice for anyone who isn't sure about using Faith in Action's services. "I'd tell them they need to call and get signed up. They don't know what they're missing. All of the volunteers I've had have been dependable and nice. It would've been really hard for me to find someone to take me to Charleston and bring back for these appointments like this over all this time. Faith in Action has been a big help to me."

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